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Nude photo shoot - the expiration nude shoot erotic pictures nude photographer

Nude photography - you are looking for a photographer for nude photos?

For many customers, this is the first time that they have opted for a nude photo shoot. Your nude photographer helps them to feel good. Since you are very excited at the beginning. But do not worry, it’s a lot easier than you think.

How does a photoshoot work?

First, you will look at many erotic images to decide for yourself, what erotic images you want from yourself. You practically work out a small timetable for the nude photo shoot.

For nudes you start, if you wish, with a few portrait shots. So relaxes the atmosphere and you can see one or the other picture of yourself.

Among other things, my studio has a white background, a grey and completely black background. Also a bed landscape can be built up. Basically, you always have to decide how much you want to show and in what way. In addition, your nudes are only for you and will be made available to anyone except me. All customers shown on the website, on my brochures or in my folders have given their express consent.

At the nude shooting dates the different poses, lighting variations and backgrounds will be tried out. After 15-20 minutes the nervousness has disappeared and one wonders why one has gone crazy days before.

At the end of the nude photo shoot you say, .. hey, that was really easy, if I had known that. That was not my last nude photoshoot.